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Ethernet bridges  |  access point  |  beacon  |  frequency  |  network name  |  point-to-point  |  subscriber unit  |  tech support  |  troubleshooting  |  wireless

Tricks of the Trade: Point-to-Point Links

As the Technical Support Manager here at AvaLAN Wireless, I talk to customers on a day in, day out basis. Over time I have learned several valuable tricks to help make troubleshooting easier. Today I'd like to share one of those with you.

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Ethernet bridges  |  LAN  |  network topology  |  wireless  |  wireless network

All About Wireless Ethernet Bridges

A wireless LAN is just like the traditional LAN except that each network device in it uses a wireless Ethernet bridge. Hence, wireless Ethernet bridges provide LAN access to various wireless network devices. Similarly, they also provide long range and high speed connectivity among the Ethernet devices in the industrial and commercial setting and also to long distances far exceeding the maximum length of the cables. In the wireless Ethernet bridges, the data is transmitted using the radio or infrared transmission unlike the wired LANs where the networks are connected through coaxial cable, fiber optic or twisted pair cable.

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