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Industrial Ethernet  |  POE  |  ethernet  |  harsh environment  |  industrial automation  |  network  |  remote access

Benefits of Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet is considered to be one of the most reliable networks available for industrial automation applications. Traditional communication device like RS232 provides slow and inflexible data transfer. On the other hand Ethernet communications are reliable, fast and flexible. It provides greater bandwidth and bigger data packages for enhanced communication between devices. In order to achieve the goals of globalization and address new business opportunities, manufacturers need to improve the efficiency of the existing systems. To achieve the same, may companies are turning to Industrial Ethernet.

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digital video surveillance  |  remote access  |  security

Top 6 Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance System

A Digital Video Surveillance system consists of an appliance that enables embedded image capture capabilities, which in turn, allows video images or extracted information to be compressed, stored, or transmitted over communication networks or digital data links. They are used for all kinds of monitoring. The digital network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include superior image quality, remote accessibility, distributed intelligent video capabilities, easy installation and integration, and better scalability, flexibility and cost- effectiveness.

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