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Wireless Tube Housing - A Solution for Many Problems

Wireless tube housing is a necessary component for keeping an eye on your remote installations, and also to keep your transmission secure. Such housings can use FHSS technology. FHSS means Frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology. As the name implies, while transmitting data, the systems hops frequency in a definite sequence which can be de-codified by the receiver to make a meaning of the data streamed. As per definition, FHSS is a method of transmitting a radio signal by rapidly switching the carrier wave in many frequency channels. The nature of switching is random, rather pseudorandom, and the sequence is known to the transmitter and the receiver (the system of coding and decoding is not that simple and there are lots of tricks). This saves the data from interference (from background noise) and eavesdropping (hacking). However, it is not a completely watertight security; an algorithm can discover the sequence and your armor get cracked and vulnerable, so for all sensitive installations another layer of security is deployed to eliminate the possibility of data jamming (a necessary evil of electronic war game). All such wireless tube housing gadgets are available in:

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