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Who Can Get a 4.9GHz Public Safety License and How?

We want to be safe and the FCC is helping. The FCC reserves valuable radio frequencies for public safety authorities that can be used for Ultra-Reliable wireless video surveillance. These frequencies are very advantageous and are available across the United States. A license is completely free, it's easy to get and typically can be obtained in 48 hours. The FCC has only issued licenses in less than 3% of potential coverage areas so these frequencies have incredibly low background noise. The use of these reserved frequencies can enable our city's safety professionals to better provide for our individual safety. The reserved public safety frequencies are in the 4.9Ghz “Public Safety Band” and is protected by the FCC to ensure that only authorized public safety usage is allowed. This restriction enhances video reliability because the radio can operate without potential interference from consumer products that share the unlicensed 5Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz bands. Huge installation growth opportunities exist now that 4.9Ghz radios cost the same as 5Ghz unlicensed radios and free licensing webinars are enabling quick licensing for immediate deployment.

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Uses Of Wireless Radios In The Smart Grid/Utilities Market

Recently there has been an increased focus on efficient transmission & distribution of electricity, & Smart Grids have emerged as a universal solution. Smart Grids have become smarter & more secure with the use of advanced computer intelligence and networking solutions. The integration of secure wireless solutions is the key to an effective smart grid network.

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