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WiFi vs. Industrial Wireless and Why You Should Care

Cutting the cord has become about much more than lowering the cable bill. Businesses are quickly realizing the benefits of utilizing high speed wireless data services that don’t require large amounts of downtime or investments in infrastructure. And to keep customer information safe while meeting strict PCI requirements, these organizations are only interested in solutions that can provide secure and reliable connections.

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Top 10 Advantages of Proprietary Wireless Technologies

Proprietary industrial wireless technologies offer a number of very compelling advantages over other standardized wireless technologies. If you ever wanted to have a more reliable Ethernet connection that could guarantee every single data packet getting through your network then proprietary networking could be your answer. Wireless standards are typically developed by multiple companies and suffer due to compromises that are made to accommodate all parties involved in the standards process. The right answer is to maintain your focus and create solutions that address your networking issues and concerns. Industrial wireless networks have very different requirements due to the robustness, reliability and continuous operation that is typically required.  Through customization of over the air communications and through manipulations of Ethernet packet definitions, a proprietary solution can provide the exact solution your industrial network needs.  This “top 10” list shows a number of the advantages proprietary wireless technologies has over more common standards based technologies.

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