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Understanding Wireless Bridges & Wireless Bridging

Technically speaking, Wireless Bridge is an advanced hardware device meant to be used for connecting two (at times more than two) network segments. The network segments i.e. Local Area Networks or the parts of a Local Area Network may be separated either physically or typically by protocol. More often than not, the Wireless Bridge may not be a hardware device, since certain operating systems (for instance Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows) offer software so as to bridge various protocols.

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LAN  |  WLAN  |  signal  |  wi-fi  |  wireless extender  |  wireless repeater

Overview Of Wireless Extender

Simply put, Wireless Extender is an easily portable device which can extend your Wi-Fi signal as well as offers excellent network performance. All thanks to this addition in wireless technology that now you can improve wireless coverage in any area having weak signal.

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