Why Industrial Wireless Ethernet?

By: Courtney Hamby on March 19th, 2015

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Why Industrial Wireless Ethernet?

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industrialEthernetIndustrial data communication has achieved new dimensions with Industrial Wireless Ethernet. It provides significant advantages over wired systems in many applications.  With ever-growing communication requirements, Wireless Ethernet has become more cost-effective. The increasing use of Wireless Ethernet is accelerated by its elimination of wiring, reduced installation cost, enhanced productivity and device mobility.


Why to go wireless?

The number of companies embracing Wireless Ethernet is growing at a fast pace. This technology has all the capabilities to take communication in different industries to the next level. There are numerous benefits which have made manufacturers to knock the door of Wireless Ethernet. Some of them are listed below.


Enhanced operations

The operational excellence of the entire system takes a new leap with complete elimination of cable failures and breakage. In a wired system, frequent stressing of the cables often lead to unplanned stoppages in the network.


Simplified layout

Wireless technology makes the entire architecture simple and flexible. With elimination of cables, devices are mobile and not restricted by certain cable length. The simplified architecture makes trouble shooting much easier and thus improving the efficiency of the entire system.


Improved reliability

The reliability of the network improves considerably due to the elimination of cables. The complete elimination of cable ensures that there are no unplanned network breakages.



This Wireless technology imparts flexibility to the entire network and helps you respond to all your business needs.


Faster Installation

Faster installation makes Wireless Ethernet the preferred choice among many companies.



With the elimination of cables, operational and maintenance costs are reduced considerably.



High data transfer speed is one of the most important reasons why manufacturers are turning to the Wireless technology. Down time can also be reduced considerably.



Security is a critical aspect when it comes to your business. Wireless Ethernet technology offers unmatched security. It allows you to use password and Wired Equivalent Privacy to make connections secure.


Establishing a Wireless network should begin with a good layout and technical support.  This will help the companies to reap the benefits of Wireless communication faster and minimize the learning curve associated with the innovative technology.  With the increasing number of users, Wireless Ethernet technology has proved its benefits and capabilities.  It is emerging as a viable alternative for wired communication systems. Extending your manufacturing plant’s network is a cakewalk with Industrial Wireless Ethernet.

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