Why Should You Use an Industrial Ethernet Network?

By: Courtney Hamby on May 21st, 2015

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Why Should You Use an Industrial Ethernet Network?

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network_ethernetThis is a time where fast flowing information is of paramount interest to industries. Industrial Ethernet refers to the use of Ethernet networking in an industrial environment for automation or process control. Industrial Ethernet Products are specifically designed to work in harsh environments of varying temperatures, humidity etc. that can prove to be any kind of hindrance to information movement intended to move in a controlled environment.

Communication gap in Industry

Communication in industrial environment is a lot different from that in office environment

  • In the office communication, many clients communicate with one server. So there is not cross connection between the clients. This type of transmission of data can result in delays when communication links are being established or when too many clients try to access a server simultaneously.
  • In industrial communication, it is important for the automation to execute programs that require up to date and real time data to ensure appropriate commands reach to appropriate systems. The capacity of the network must be optimally utilized and downtime should be reduced. Also, applications and network structure must individually adapt to the harsh industrial conditions.

That is why the demand for high network availability is rising constantly in the industrial market. Industries require Long Range Wireless Ethernet to set up powerful communication network over long distances.


Reasons for Use:

Ethernet is a communication protocol that is very fast, can be used for almost any purpose, and is very cost-effective because of which a wide range of industries are opting for Industrial Ethernet Products. Some of the reasons for using Industrial Ethernet are:

  • Ethernet switches: Industrial Ethernet switches are optimized for them to cope up with the hard environment. They have hardened enclosure, dual power inputs, and shock and vibration approvals.
  • Power over Ethernet: Power over Ethernet allows more power to be delivered than a cable that transmits Ethernet data. In distributed industrial applications, the current standard power is quite limited for transfer of data. PoE delivers more power while remaining completely compatible with the current standard.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Industrial Ethernet are heavily preferred because of their temperature range (-40° to +70°C). Therefore, there is no extra cost for forced heating and cooling and offers a solution to environmental problems caused by Ethernet cables.
  • Covers long distance: Long Range Wireless Ethernet can span distances up to 120 km without a breakage in signal. Hence, applications requires roads, pipelines or long linear structure often capitalize on the extended range of Ethernet.

Industrial Ethernet technology is rapidly being embraced by multiple organizations. The Industrial Ethernet Network are able to survive in the harsh conditions they are used in, making them really impactful for industries working in these conditions.

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