No Digging. No Wires. No Hassle. EMV Made Easy.

AvaLAN provides high speed, secure and reliable wireless Ethernet units specifically designed for EMV upgrades to your fuel dispensers.


Three keys to a successful fuel center EMV upgrade program:


EMV supporting hardware needs to be trouble free and easy to install. Minimizing store downtime and switching over to a PCI compliant, secure and reliable EMV card processing system quickly can save significant cost.


Keep your IT department happy with securely managed and segmented network communications. Separation of secure and insecure data network transmissions will insure the safety of your customer's credit card data at the same time insuring the successful operation of your fuel dispensers.


Ensure future upgrades and changes to your fuel center will be possible with full ethernet network connections for all your systems and devices in the fuel center.


Two Wire Vs. Secure Wireless Ethernet

Should fuel center owners connect EMV supporting hardware with aging two-wire technology or convert to wireless Ethernet products? Let’s evaluate exactly what you are getting for your investment. 

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Secure Wireless Ethernet for Fuel Dispenser EMV

This white paper illustrates the benefits of utilizing Secure Wireless Ethernet when interfacing with next generation EMV payment in the forecourt.

The benefits will be broken down into the following subject areas:

  • Forecourt data and networking challenges
  • Encryption and Security
  • Bandwidth and Reliability

Wireless Data Security Whitepaper




Wireless Forecourt EMV Solution Installs in Minutes

Refitting your forecourt with a wired EMV solution can be messy.  Worse yet, you could still end up with old technology like 2 wire to 4 wire conversion.  EMV Compliance is needed to keep your customer's credit card transactions safe.  Converting your old wired forecourt can be easier than your think.  Converting with the AvaLAN solution takes about an hour and provides you with robust, secure and fast Ethernet data communications.


Wireless EMV Upgrade Case Study



There's a better way than this!

The AvaLAN EMV access point or in-store device is designed for security and reliability. The AW58EMVAP and AW584EMVSU offer secure local wireless networking connectivity to fuel dispensers. In addition to the wireless local area network and secure managed switch has been integrated into the unit to connect additional fuel center devices like your point-of-sale system, merchant service gateway and/or forecourt controller. 


The AvaLAN EMV In-Dispenser subscriber unit has been specifically designed to be installed inside a fuel dispenser. The AW58EMVAP or AW584EMVSU securely connect your fuel dispenser to the store's network. In addition to the secure wireless local area connection, a managed and network segmented switch is used to connect the dispensers main CPU board other associated ethernet devices inside the dispenser. 

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