AW58100HTP-PAIR 5.8 GHz Outdoor 100 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Bridge

A fully optimized for video surveillance applications to ensure peak performance.

The AW58100HTP-PAIR 5.8 GHz Outdoor 100 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Bridge:

The AW58100HTP-PAIR high speed Ethernet bridge provides a point-to-point line of sight connection to link a “fringe” IP device such as a video surveillance camera that needs robust and secure high data rates. Utilizing state of the art MIMO technology, this product achieves very high data rate through a combination of multiple spacial streams and higher level OFDM modulation.

The antenna in each radio is a dual flat panel providing two 90° polarized 23 dBi gain units. The radios are packaged in rugged and weatherproof diecast aluminum enclosures and are powered through the Ethernet cable to save additional wiring. Rugged pole-mount adapters are provided and the two radios are pre-configured and ready to use as a transparent Ethernet cable extension with up to a 30 mile range.

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Key Features:

Maximum legal transmit power – 1 Watt

LEDs showing signal quality, Ethernet link, network activity and power

Pressure release valve

Line-of-sight range up to 30 miles for AW49200HTP-PAIR, 5 miles for HTA/HTS point-to-point configuration

Up to 216 Mbps Ethernet data rate to support high resolution cameras

Data Security provided by AES encryption

Rugged outdoor enclosure meets IP66 Standard

Browser interface for easy configuration and link status monitoring

Built in lightning arrestors

HTA/HTS point-to-point configuration


What's In The Box:

  • (1) AW58100HTP-SU High Power Subscriber Unit Radio
  • (1) AW58100HTP-SU High Power Subscriber Unit Radio
  • (2) Heavy Duty Pole-Mount Brackets
  • (2) AW-POE Power Over Ethernet Injectors
  • (2) AW-18VPS Power Supply

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