2.4 GHz

Want the flexibility of an outdoor wireless connection, but without the limited scope that WiFi offers? AvaLAN Wireless provides 2.4 GHz transmitter antennas that help you create an outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge that has a greater range than WiFi.

2.4 GHz is the band that is most globally accepted unlicensed part of the RF spectrum. With 29 non-overlapping channels, our 2.4 GHz transmitters can penetrate interference or avoid it. With our 2.4 GHz equipment, you get an outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge with five times the range of WiFi — even through walls and interference. And with a browser interface, our 2.4 GHz transmitter systems offer a fast and intuitive setup and easy user programming.

AvaLAN wireless transmitter antennas can be used as part of a robust wireless Ethernet system that can connect a variety of devices, including digital signage, industrial control devices, point-of-sale devices, VoIP phones, IP access control readers, remote printers and more.

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