900 MHz

Need to create a long-range wireless connection that isn’t line-of-sight and handles interference? AvaLAN’s 900 MHz radios and antennas are a lower frequency, meaning that they are more able to penetrate obstacles in their way.

We carry a wide variety of 900 MHz wireless equipment based on the RJ45 Ethernet interface, with both indoor and outdoor components such as wireless Ethernet radios and wireless Ethernet bridges to allow for a greater number of physical configurations. With these versatile 900 MHz antennas and radios, you can create a far-reaching wireless network that can easily include such devices as digital signage, IP access control readers, VoIP phones, point-of-sale systems and more.

Our 900 MHz antennas and radios have greater ability to penetrate obstacles, making them ideal for creating strong and reliable non-line-of-sight wireless connections — especially in areas where there is too much interference or too large of a range for 802.11 systems to perform well.

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