AW58EMVAP Secure Wireless Forecourt Access Point

The AvaLAN Wireless Forecourt Access Point offers secure and reliable wireless networking connectivity to fuel dispensers. In addition to the wireless local area network and secure managed switch has been integrated into the unit to connect additional fuel center devices like your point-of-sale system, merchant service gateway and/or forecourt controller.

Secure Wireless Forecourt Access Point:

 The AW58EMVAP utilizes wired and wireless networking communications, their EMV solutions for fuel centers eliminates the need to excavate and re-wire the forecourt or rely on a questionable work around using existing wiring.  Transmissions utilize a proprietary protocol along combined with encryption technology and segmented networking for a truly secure connection.


These units interface directly with major fuel dispensers and retail POS systems with ample bandwidth for premium forecourt solutions like video or interactive customer engagement.  AvaLAN Wireless provides EMV and PCI compliance today and high bandwidth forecourt enhancements tomorrow.




Key Features:

Plug and play Wireless Ethernet

Ample bandwidth for HD media solutions (300 Mbps)

EMV compliant to secure payment transactions

Network segmentation with payment on an isolated secure channel

PCI Compliant proprietary encrypted protocol

No Digging or Downtime

Integrated Cloud Managed 4 port VLAN switch

Rugged outdoor enclosure meets IP66 Standard


What's In The Box:

  • (1) AW58EMVAP Access Point 
  • (1) Mounting Kit
  • (1) AW-POE Power Over Ethernet Injector
  • (1) AW-24VPS Power Supply

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