Current Loop Adapter

Connect and manage current loop and RS232/RS485 serial devices over IP

Developed for the retail fueling industry, the AvaLAN current loop adapter enables current loop and serial data communications to flow through a TCP/IP Ethernet network. This newly developed networking technology will enable modern forms of network security to be applied to insure the integrity of the data.


The current loop adapter makes you current loop data compatible in an Ethernet network and allows the data to be transmitted over wired or wireless mediums. Wireless current loop and serial technology from AvaLAN will enable flexibility, network control and ease of installation for fuel dispensers in a retail forecourt.


AvaLAN’s new current loop to TCP/IP adapter has two ports that can be enabled to support either Serial RS232/485 and/or current loop communications. Each port can either be configured as an active master in-dispenser or a passive subscriber in the store. Solving customer and industry problems have always been the foundation of AvaLAN’s products. Retail fuel customers have asked to be able to control their dispenser through Ethernet networks and this new product is the answer to enabling a secure and reliable networking infrastructure.


NOTE: This product is to be used in conjunction with our Wireless EMV solution

NOTE 2: A single AWHEX5P is required for the in-store AWCLETHS unit. 


Key Features:

24 VDC power from dispenser Each current loop port can be configured to use 30mA, 45mA or 60mA

Hardened and completely offloaded TCP/IP stack

NIST certified 256-bit AES encryption

Send dispenser data across an Ethernet link

Secure Data Communications supports multiple protocols simultaneously

Eliminates the need for a Distribution box


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