Sometimes you have equipment like our wireless radio equipment that is powerful enough to cover a lot of ground, but that equipment still needs a way to receive an uninterrupted supply of power — even miles away. AvaLAN’s solar power panel kits are the perfect solution and come with a 20-25 year output guarantee!

Our solar panel kits are easy to use: Just mount the power kit to the pole or wall and connect the battery. You can depend on our solar kits to provide 24 hours of continuous power, with up to 7 days’ worth of stored backup power. And with their UV-resistant, weatherproof powder-coated aluminum and steel enclosures that also include extra space for your other electronic components, these kits are designed to withstand all sorts of weather.

AvaLAN solar panel kits regulate the power they collect and dispense with Advanced Charge Controls that prevent over-charging or over-discharging. So you get a reliable and steady supply of power wherever it’s needed, even if no other power source is available. 

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